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Community event in the city of Zurich is organized for the first time by XXL Gameplay. Events / 003 Zurich, Switzerland. 17th - 19th September 2019 Starts 17th September, finishes 19th September 2019, open to public until 19th September 2019, public tickets sold out. It is FREE to join. Everything you need to know about this event is at XXL Gameplay website: Zurich is the best place for games The official city of Zurich (population 716, 741 in June 2019) is hosting, for the first time, the XXL Gameplay community event. You can access this event for FREE from 18th of September to 19th of September, 2019. The city of Zurich is a perfect place for games, as it hosts a multitude of restaurants, bars, and plenty of activities to do. The event will be hosted in the well known Funkhaus Klotz, which is a free venue, thanks to the sponsorship of the city of Zurich. There are lots of activities for the public such as concerts, a pumpkin painting event, or street painting, but it will also be a gaming event. There are two reasons why this is a great city for games: There are tons of games on each and every street corner, and there are a few game stores. You can access the games by finding the crowd at a specific time. It is located right at the center of the world, and you are not too far from the highest point of Europe. And the best part? It is open for everyone, so no matter how old, how young, or how much of a geek you are, you can be part of the XXL Gameplay community event. All you need is a Game Gear, and a Game Boy, a copy of Kirby 64, or any other awesome game of the 90s and early 2000s. As for the main goal of the event, it is to gather as much awesome games from every generation as possible. The venue can host about 200 players, but the good news is that they will be unlocked and open to anyone on the day of the event. You can ask the staff for more information. The venue itself is a 5x5m large room where you can find many games of different types, ranging from classic games to the most modern games. This is your opportunity to




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Game Iso Download Xbox 360
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